CNAIC serves as a bridge between domestic and international business communities as well as other associations in order to enhance mutual understanding and strengthen cooperation. Our Association aims to promote industrial and economic development and facilitate business sector in line with government policies in Taiwan.



CNAIC is composed by 4 parts: the General Assembly of Members, the Board of Supervisors, the Board of Directors and the Secretariat. The General Assembly of Members, which meets annually, is the supreme body of the association. The Board of Directors and the Board of Supervisors is composed of 33 Directors and 11 Supervisors, among them 11 Executive Directors and 3 Executive Supervisors respectively. Most Chairmen and CEOs of the country’s major industrial conglomerates are members of the CNAIC Board of the Directors and Supervisors.

  Also under the Chairman is an Advisors’ Group composed a Senior Advisor, Advisors, and 14 committees which are: Committee on Industrial and Commercial Policies, Committee on Finance and Tax, Committee on Monetary Issues, Committee on Labor Relations, Committee on International Affairs, Committee on Mainland China Affairs, Committee on Communications and Transportation, Committee on Tourism, Committee on Industrial Innovation, Committee on Cultural and Creative Industry, Committee on Member Services, Committee on Legislative Relations, Committee on Young Entrepreneur Affairs, and Committee on Regional Development.
  The Secretariat is composed of Department of Domestic Affairs, Department of Mainland China Affairs, Department of International Affairs, Department of Administrative Affairs, Global Industry and Commerce Monthly Editing Team. The daily operation of CNAIC is led by Secretary General Liang-Tung Fan.
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