CNAIC serves as a bridge between domestic and international business communities as well as other associations in order to enhance mutual understanding and strengthen cooperation. Our Association aims to promote industrial and economic development and facilitate business sector in line with government policies in Taiwan.



  • Coordinate and enhance mutual understanding among industrialists and businessmen both in Taiwan and abroad;

  • Keep regular contacts with industrial and commercial organizations both in Taiwan and abroad for promotion of international economic cooperation and expansion of foreign trade;

  • Introduce new management concept as well as advanced technical know-how with respect to industry and commerce;

  • Present constructive proposals of business enterprises to the government;

  • Assist enterprises in their developments by means of providing them with updated information;

  • Help settle disputes among members of the Association or between its members and foreign business enterprises;

  • Engage in study on business climate of domestic and foreign industry and commerce;

  • Hold discussions about issues on current economic situation in general, and industrial development in particular.

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