CNAIC serves as a bridge between domestic and international business communities as well as other associations in order to enhance mutual understanding and strengthen cooperation. Our Association aims to promote industrial and economic development and facilitate business sector in line with government policies in Taiwan.

International Affairs

2018 Taiwan-Japan (Kyushu) Industrial Cooperation Forum

CNAIC and Kyushu Economic Federation (Kyu-Kei-Ren) held the 2018 Taiwan-Japan (Kyushu) Industrial Cooperation Forum at the Taipei International Convention Center on August 30, 2018.
CNAIC and Kyu-Kei-Ren initiated cooperation in 2008 and signed MOU in June 2012. In 2014, CNAIC visited Kyu-Kei-Ren and it was the first time for the two associations to jointly hold a forum together, followed with additional events in 2015 and 2016 respectively. This year was the 4th time such forum was held.
Chiao-Chang HUANG, Vice Chairman of CNAIC, delivered the opening remarks and welcomed the distinguished guests to join the significant event.
 Nine speakers are invited to share their insight and experiences in terms of promoting Taiwan- Japan industrial and trade Cooperation. This speech was led by Mr. HSIAO, James Chen-Jung, Senior Negotiator & Executive Secretary of the Office of Trade Negotiations.
The Forum turned out to be a great success with 100 participants. Japanese and Taiwanese participants attended the dinner party following the forum to exchange views.

CNAIC Vice Chairman HUANG, delivered the opening remarks

Mr. HSIAO, Senior Negotiator & Executive Secretary of The Office of Trade Negotiations delivered the keynote speech

CNAIC Vice Chairman(4th from right) and Kyu-Kei-Ren Senior Managing Director Mr. Nagao Narumi (5th from right) took commemorative photo with the speakers and distinguished guests.

Gift-change between CNAIC and Kyu-Kei-Ren

Valuable discussion in the intermission

2018 International Forum with International Council for Small Business(ICSB)

CNIAC co-organized an International Forum with International Council for Small Business(ICSB) at Taipei New Horizon on June 28, 2018. Tina Y. LO, Director of the Board from CNAIC, also the Vice Chairman of O-BANK delivered welcoming remarks to the forum.

Ms. Lo noted that as a female financier and entrepreneur herself, she understands how challenging for a woman to start up new ventures. She has been a devoted advocate for young entrepreneurs, holding the WeWin Entrepreneurship Competition for 10 years in Taiwan, which has resulted in the launch of 23 successful new ventures and start-ups. She hopes the innovation of business can make this world a more inclusive and sustainable place for future generations.

Following Ms. Lo’s remarks are sessions on Women in High Growth Entrepreneurship and Humane Entrepreneurship. The first session moderated by ICSB’s President-elect, Geralyn Franklin, focused around the phenomena of women’s entrepreneurship and how women business owners are viewed as a potential source of economic and social development. The panelists also included Ms. Viola Cheng, the founder of B-Lab certified “Good Food Enterprise”, and Ms.Elim Chew, founder of 77th Street Pte Ltd.

During the second session on the Humane Entrepreneurship, Audrey Tang, Minister without Portfolio for Taiwan Executive Yuan, Dr. Roberto Parente, Full Professor of Innovation; Entrepreneurship-University of Salerno(Italy) and Dr. Ki-Chan Kim, Professor of Business School, The Catholic University of Korea were invited to be part of the panelists.

Dr. Kim believes that strong innovation relies on the participation of employees, so it is a must that management should maintain a balance between human-oriented and profit-oriented leadership. If the balance is achieved, it will contribute to the more sustainable company. Dr. Parente mentioned that the corporate culture in Italy is for sustainable management, so the Italian employees do not work overtime. In addition, he pointed out that human-oriented enterprises must also make commitments to employees while pursuing customers’ loyalty.

The forum was well attended by around 200 people from more than 18 countries.

(From left to right) CNAIC Secretary General Fan, CNAIC Director of the Board Lo, ICSB President Lai and ICSB President-elect Franklin

Deputy Secretary General Chiu (center), Dr. Roberto Parente (left) and
Dr. Ki-Chan Kim (right) take a commemorative photo in the Forum.

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