CNAIC serves as a bridge between domestic and international business communities as well as other associations in order to enhance mutual understanding and strengthen cooperation. Our Association aims to promote industrial and economic development and facilitate business sector in line with government policies in Taiwan.
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International Affairs

CNAIC Business Delegation Visited Kansai and the central region of Japan

CNAIC Chairman Por-Fong Lin led a delegation to Japan on Sep. 17 to 22, 2018, in order to enhance relationships with Kansai Economic Federation and the central region of Japan. CNAIC Vice-Chairman Chiao-Chang Huang and Director of the Board Tsing-Yuan Hwang were deputy leaders of the delegation.
The delegation went to Nagoya to visit Central Japan Economic Federation through the Japan-Taiwan Exchange Association’s introduction and received the briefings on the applications of AI, and IoT presented by Mitsubishi Electric Corporation. In addition, CNAIC and the Third Wednesday Club co-organized a reception to meet with enterprises in Aichi Prefecture.
The delegation also paid a visit to Sharp Corporation and viewed the 10th- Generation LCD panel plant, which is the only one capable of producing the largest-size LCDs in the world at this time. The delegation also visited the Technology and Innovation Center (TIC), an advanced research center of Daikin Group.

On September 18, Chairman Lin (left) exchanged mementos with Sharp's Vice

On September 19, the delegation visited TIC.

On September 19, CNAIC Chairman Lin (front row, 5th from the left) led the delegation to visit Kansai Economic Federation and it’s Chairman Matsumoto (front row, 6th from left).

On September 20, Chairman Lin (front row, 5 th from the left) met with Mr. Ogawa, Director General of Central Japan Economic Federation (front row, 4th from the right)

On September 20, CNAIC Chairman Lin (2nd from the left), Vice Chairman Huang (1st from the left), Aichi Prefecture Deputy Governor Morioka (center), the Third Wednesday Club Chairman Chiang (2nd from the right) and Nagoya Chamber of Commerce& Industry Chairman Yamamoto (1st from the right)

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